Etrian Odyssee - Walkthrough (IGN/Gamespy Exclusive)
Version: 0.4
Date: 07/22/07

Created by Arjen 'Grawl' Voogt,,

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Title: Etiran Oddysee
System: Nintendo DS
Developer: Atlus Co.
Publisher: Atlus Co.
Release Date: 15 May 2007

Table of Contents

01 - Introduction
02 - Walkthrough
02.1 - B1F
02.2 - B2F
02.3 - B3F
02.4 - B4F
02.5 - B5F
02.6 - B6F
02.7 - B7F
02.8 - B8F
02.9 - B9F
02.10 - B10F
02.11 - B11F
02.12 - B12F
02.13 - B13F
02.14 - B14F
02.15 - B15F
02.16 - B16F
02.17 - B17F
02.18 - B18F
02.19 - B19F
02.20 - B20F
03 - Changelog
04 - Conclusion


Etrian Odyssey is a role-player with anime-style art and exciting gameplay. In a vast and fertile land lies a small town known as Etria, a peaceful village that became famous for a startling discovery. A crack in the vast forest opened at Etria's edge, leading downward like a gaping maw. Those who hear rumors of the labyrinth of Etria, whether young or old, begin to harbor dreams of exploring it. Riches, fame and prestige wait for the adventurer that can survive the Etrian Odyssey. All-star production staff, with direction and sound/story work by some of Japan's most gifted & experienced game deisgners Beautiful 3D graphics - Explore warm, inviting, forest environments rendered in an original 3D engine.

The maps you encounter in this guide are made by Zaraf and are used with his permission. Big thanks to Zaraf for letting me use the maps.


One day, in the small isolated town of Etria, an underground forest was discovered. The Radha, governors of Etria, issued a Proclamation throughout the continent... Any able-bodied adventurer was invited to investigate the forest and explore its depths. But no matter how many came to investigate the dungeon, none gained the renown they sought. As more adventurers tried and failed to conquer it, it came to be known by a new name... The Yggdrasil Labyrinth. You are the latest adventurer to journey to Etria in response to the Radha's Proclamation. You have but one goal: explore the forest to win fame and fortune. Etria is at hand...

As you start, you can only go to the Explorers Guild, so that's a good start. Tell them man you want to start a guild to really get things rolling. First, pick a name for your guild. Once you picked a name, select the 'Register' option to name your own character. Then select a class and portrait. After this, you can create more characters. For now, I suggest to make a Landsknecht, Protector, Survivalist, Medic and Alchemist. Put the Landsknecht and Protector in the front, and the other three in the back (Formation option in the menu).

Once you are done, it's time to officialy register the guild. You can now roam around town, but when you are done, head to Radha Hall. The guy here will give you your first mission.

-Mission- Adventurer's initiation
New adventures must be tested by mapping the 1st floor of the Labyrinth. Meet the solider on B1F for the details.

The mission is clear. Enter the Labyrinth to start the real journey.


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As you enter the Labyrinth, a screen will pop up telling you, you can use 3 Skill Points. Press 'Y' and head to the Custom option in the menu. Once you set things up, head north until you encounter the soldier.

Once your map is made, head back to the soldier. You can proceed to the next level, but a wise man would return to town. Heal up and finish your mission at the Radha Hall. The man will give you a Radha note and money. Head to the shop and talk with the woman to get a Warp Wire. It may be time to buy some equipment as well. Once done, accept some new quests in the pub.

-Quest- The feathersmith's favor
  • An Etrian artisan desires seven strips of Soft Hide, for the purpose of making clothes.
  • Reward: 200en
  • How: By now you already should have the Soft Hides. If not, go back to B1F and defeat some more enemies.

-Quest- To taste it once more...
  • An old adventurer getting on in years wishes for holy water that can only be found within the forest
  • Reward: Medica II
  • How: The water can be found in the southeastern corner of B1F. You should have encountered it when you made the map of B1F.

-Quest- A favor to Shilleka I
  • Shilleka has posted a request for the materials necessary to craft a Hand Axe.
  • Reward: Hand Axe
  • How: Talk with Shilleka. She tells you to get 5 pieces of Hardwood and 5 Hard Shells. You can get Hardwood by using Chop (see paragraph below) and Hard Shells from Clawbugs.

-Quest- A certain shop's request
  • A certain shop in Etria has requested one measure of Pyroxene from the forest, useful in constructing walls.
  • Reward: 300en

Since the game is hard, how about a little trick? If you want to get a few thousand En in about 15 minutes, create a new team of 5 Survivalists and put all points (3) into Chop. On B1F, go to the room that's directly east of where you start (it's a 3x3 room). In the middle, use 'Chop' 30 times. There is a shortcut here that allows you to go back to the first room. Head back to town, sell the items and sleep. A new day means 30 more Chop-commands to use, which means you can go back to the room and get another 600-1000 En. Repeat as much as you like. I used this fun little trick to get myself some proper equipment. It took about 5 runs to get the best equipment for my main team. Don't bother equiping or leveling your team of exploiters, since a low level means cheap nights at the Inn.

Once you are done playing around, it's time to enter B2F.


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Once you set step into a new floor, you can often get news quests and/or missions.

-Quest- Monstrous Codex
  • I'm investigating monster habitats within the Labyrinth. Inscribe ten monsters into the Codex, please.
  • Reward: Red Charm
  • How: Go to the Radha Hall and select 'Report Discoveries' to add monsters into the Codex. Once you found 10, you did it. End of quest.

Soon enough you will find out there are FOEs wandering this floor. FOEs are strong monsters that take quite some hits te get down. The experience you gain is great though. As can been seen on the map, there are Ragelopes and Kuyuthas. The latter are harder, so watch out. The best tactic is to either use Volt or Poison while keeping your party healed.

It's a good idea to level your character up to around level 9 by wandering around B2F. If you are able to kill a FOE, you will get massive experience. Just note they are hard. When you feel you are strong enough, you can enter B3F.


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0.1 (28 May 2007) - initial version.
0.2 (10 June 2007) - Added more maps.
0.3 (12 June 2007) - Due to IGN's policy, the maps had to be in JPG instead of PNG. Now all the maps are hosted by IGN and are in JPG instead of PNG. Fixed it all in this version.
0.4 (22 July 2007) - More maps added.


We hope you enjoyed our guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter problems, feel free to mail. Suggestions, feedback, comments etc. are welcome too. My e-mail address can be found at the top of the document.

Thanks to: Stephen Ng, Zaraf

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